Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Cruising the Web

Boys' and girls' brains are more similar as they grow than you might think.

A computer geek uses his know-how to track down the guy who stole his computer and then was dumb enough to post videos of himself online.

Let's not forget when CAIR was sucking up to Qaddafi.

John Stossel takes on Obama's
corporate welfare.

Jay Bilas is the most entertaining guy on Twitter.

Indiana Democrats have fled the state so that nothing can get done in the state legislature.

There is a reason why the Obama administration isn't celebrating the one-year anniversary of the passage of ObamaCare. It might have something to do with those CBO projections of what this is going to cost. Yes, what a difference a year makes. Maybe that is why those people who were going to be in charge of pitching how wonderful the law is are practically invisible now.

The GOP are winning the recruitment battle for the 2012 Senate races. It's not a good sign when the head of the DNC is dithering about whether to run or not.

Another sign is when Harry Reid has given free rein to Democratic senators who want to take to the floor and rip the president.


lady di said...

When cruising on over to the first point regarding boy's and girl's brains. Nothing new here. Back in the fifties 'Sister Schools' did have girls classrooms and boys classrooms.
What is of greater importance to me is seeing the graduation numbers increase in our high schools for boys and for girls.

Brett King said...

Wow, following your link regarding CAIR and Qaddafi on NRO I went to the complete article on Steve Emerson's site. He is a respected expert on terrorism. He points out some troubling issues with Governor Christie. I had always like Christie before reading this.

pumping-irony said...

If the Democrats think ObamaCare is as popular as a whoopie cushion at a wake now, they ain't seen nothing yet. Wait 'till 2014 when all those folks who think they are getting "free" healthcare find out they have to pay for it. Wait until employers start dropping insurance coverage and insurers start discontinuing plans. Wait until the deficits kick in, and they will because no one in congress can do math. You'll know that day has arrived when the Democrats and the media start calling it "BushCare."

John A said...

Illinois has taken over [from Vegas - Reid or no] as the vacation spot for the fiscaly irresponsible and reality dodgers?

tfhr said...

Brett King,

What is your specific criticism about Christie? And if you don't mind me asking, what was it that you liked about him "before"?

tfhr said...

Still nothing from Brett King - was that a drive-by then?

It always raises my suspicion when someone takes a critical, yet unspecific stab at a particular individual that is not mentioned in the thread, the referenced article, or does not appear to be the focal point of relevant discussion on the given topic.