Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Cruising the Web

Union backers would like to portray the situation in Michigan as a war on the middle class. Earth to the unions: the middle class has already lost in Michigan.

Mona Charen notes the selective use of Obama's anger. He and his diplomatic crew flipped out over Israel building apartments in Jerusalem. But they are largely silent at other times such as when Iranians arrest American hikers and propose to try them for spying or when a Muslim American fires and kills U.S. soldiers at Fort Hood. Or when Palestinians murder a family and their children. His reaction to such events is not even in the same ballpark of his reaction to the Israeli apartments on Israeli-owned land.

Victor Davis Hanson examines how confused our policy is Libya is. The Obama administration can't clarify what our goal is and how we propose to achieve it. Obama was so determined to make this seem like a multilateral enterprise that now everyone is confused about who is really in charge. Apparently, Libya is blaming....Denmark. If the administration's spokesmen and military leaders are unclear about our mission in Libya, what about the troops responsible for carrying the confused policy out?

Meanwhile John Hawkins has seven questions for liberals about the campaign in Libya.

Gee, the CBO keeps coming out with bad news for President Obama.

This will go well: HBO plans a miniseries on Vice President Cheney.

How the lefty blogosphere exploded over a totally falsified story.