Monday, March 21, 2011

Cruising the Web

Are we now running war by committee? And why is President Obama more deferential to the United Nations and the Arab League than the U.S. Congress?

Michael Barone explains
why making the avoidance of unilateralism is not what the basis of our foreign policy should be.

So what does the phrase "unique capabilities" mean in the context of U.S. leadership?

Oh the irony! The CEO of Amtrak was traveling to a dedication ceremony for the Wilmington train station to be renamed in honor of Joe Biden. Except that his train was stuck and the CEO had to take a car to Wilmington.

One liberal chides the media
for ignoring death threats against Republicans. John Nolte chronicles 20 days of left-wing thuggery in Wisconsin. And Jim Treacher asks the libs, "What's with all the death threats?"

If anyone wants to buy it, there are some federal lands that have been identified since the Clinton administration as suitable for sale. Let's sell them.

One Democratic leader who doesn't want to raise taxes to balance his state's budget - Andrew Cuomo.

Fat chance to get some sort of agreement between House Republicans and the White House when the man in charge of the White House position, Joe Biden, refers to the Republicans as rape apologists who blame the rape victim for the crime.

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees has agreed to erasing the Holocaust from Palestinian textbooks in Jordan.

Of course, what would you expect from the United Nations when its Women's Rights Commission condemns Israel on gender equality but ignores Iran?

One editor at Time Magazine questions whether Barack Obama knows what he's doing.