Friday, March 18, 2011

Cruising the Web

Stephen Goldsmith, the former mayor of Indianapolis and a politician I'd found very intriguing, argues that it is time, after more than a century, to scrap the Progressive Era model for government.

Why the Chevy Volt is the car from "Atlas Shrugged Motors." Even all the federal tax breaks aren't enough to get people to shell out over $40,000 to buy a car that goes only about 25 to 50 miles on a battery charge.

Victor Davis Hanson looks to Shakespeare for a model of President Obama's leadership style. Hanson is Hamlet trying to come down on both sides of important issues and delaying decisions while he examines every side of a question and avoids making a decision.

There is something so despicably cynical about the efforts by unions to co-opt the anniversary of Martin Luther King's assassination to push their agenda for more union benefits and protections for generous public employees salaries and benefits. Yes, Martin Luther King was in Memphis to fight for Memphis sanitation workers who were getting treated terribly and earning peanuts. That isn't the situation in any of these union battles today. The comparison is insulting.

President Obama's avoidance of participation in the debates over the federal debate is a deliberate choice to not hurt his popularity numbers. Now that's the type of change in politicians that we have never seen, isn't it?

Obama might win an award for transparency, but Janet Napolitano is being accused of demoting a whistleblower who complained to Congress about how the political appointees at the Department of Homeland Security were delaying fulfilling FOIA requests.

Donald Trump assures us that he is a really smart guy who got good grades at a good school and that gives him the insight to weigh forth on birther doubts about Obama's background. Just more proof that going to an Ivy League school doesn't guarantee that someone has any sense.

Obama's nominee for deputy director of the OMB
admits that the statements of both President Obama and his OMB director that they have not added to the debt if we don't count interest payments is basically nonsense.

If NPR is so wonderful and valuable, why can't it compete in the marketplace like other news outlets?

The Democrats are trying to pretend that they have a true energy policy. Yeah, sure.

Gay activists in England have to cancel
a gay pride parade because they are worried about "community tension" with Muslims. They don't want be seeming to "oppress other marginalized groups."

What a surprise, lawmakers are finding a way to get around the earmark ban.

Charles Krauthammer smacks down Obama's director of the OMB about the supposed "lockbox" of the Social Security trust fund.