Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cruising the Web

Marty Peretz excoriates President Obama for his disturbing lack of understanding of and his "scandalous" approach the Middle East.

Noemie Emery writes that Newsweek under Tina Brown is just a rehash of what Brown was producing in the 1990s. So last century.

A new federal policy would hold principals liable for students' online bullying and name-calling that goes on even if the officials are ignorant about those statements. Do we really want to mandate that school administrators police what students write online in their free time and be financially liable if they don't act to stop harassment that occurs outside of school?

Are parents happy to be paying for tuition at Northwestern so that undergraduates can be in a class where the professor invites a woman to stimulate herself with a sex toy to an orgasm in front of the class?

President Obama might know college basketball but he is clueless about cars.

Jerry Brown has a decent idea
, but his fellow Democrats won't hear of it.

The Democrats demonstrate their lack of seriousness about the federal debt.