Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Cruising the Web

Byron York urges Republicans to remember the lessons of 1991 when Democrats were wary of jumping into a seemingly unbeatable George H.W. Bush.

So what have we gotten for the past two years in which President Obama tried to act like the unBush and plan for civilian trials for Gitmo terrorists now that Obama has given in and basically reaffirmed the Bush-era policies? Mostly we got all that fine rhetoric depicting Bush polices as something out of 1984 and now we get a Emily Litella-like "never mind."

William McGurn urges Illinois to learn from Caterpillar
about killing the golden goose.

William Galston argues to Democrats
that winning Ohio matters because as goes Ohio, so goes the rest of the nation.

Tina Brown's remake of Newsweek is just as lame and boring as the previous version of Newsweek.

James O'Keefe's newest bit of guerrilla journalism
catches a senior executive of NPR in an ABSCAM-like moment dissing Republicans and NPR to men pretending to be members of a Muslim Brotherhood-linked group that bashed the Zionist control of the media and wanted to donate money to NPR. He brags that there isn't a pro-Israel view at NPR or among its funders. Oh, and he said that he'd like to see NPR do without federal funding. Well, that's one point where we're in agreement. Perhaps there are some real sharia-loving Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated groups out there who would like to step in replace that federal funding. Let's see if this video gets one-fourth the attention as the prank call on Governor Walker that was so much less revealing.