Monday, February 28, 2011

Cruising the Web

John Hinderaker looks at the documents that Judicial Watch has gotten from the FBI about Teddy Kennedy's early years. IN 1961 Kennedy was touring Latin America and meeting with communists. This was contrary to the wishes of our ambassador in Mexico and contrary to his own brother's policies. This was in between his regular visits to brothels. As Hinderaker says, Teddy Kennedy was every bit as bad then as conservatives have always imagined him to be.

The FDA is still trying to slow-walk or block promising new drugs.

According to one federal judge, the Commerce Clause allows the government to regulate people's "mental activity" and decision-making. That is what all-intrusive government leads to.

Michael Barone details how the Democrats have been steadily losing the vote of lower-middle-class white voters. Contrary to the marveling of liberals like Thomas Frank in "What's the Matter with Kansas?", this is not because they have been buffaloed by elites on cultural issues. Instead, they're voting in the nation's interests without being constrained by their supposed narrow self-interest.

David Freddoso notes a difference between Tea Party leaders and AFL-CIO boss Richard Trumka. Guess which group condemns Hitler references.

Ed Morrissey links to a story about another way that the Wisconsin Education Association has been screwing the Wisconsin taxpayers. They have been mandating that districts buy health insurance from the WEA even when the policies are more expensive and can cost a school district a boatload of money. But the union doesn't care; they want to force employees to buy their more expensive coverage. It's not only from union dues that unions fund themselves, but from sweetheart deals such as this.

George Will explains why liberals like Obama are so fixated on they fantasy of high-speed rail. They are willing to spend money that states don't have for rail lines that people don't want. People won't want to pay more to travel more slowly. But liberals think it is better for us and so they'll keep forcing through such projects.

Just as opponents of earmarks have claimed, getting rid of earmarks has limited the logrolling that helped pass bigger budgets.

Fact-checking Nancy Pelosi.
Guess how that comes out.

RIP. The last living veteran from World War I has passed away.