Friday, February 25, 2011

Cruising the Web

William A. Jacobson explains how Rhode Island is facing similar problems to Wisconsin and that is why the Providence School Board has had to preemptively issue termination letters to every single public school teacher in their district in order to have the flexibility to cut teachers at the end of the school year.

Victor Davis Hanson examines why Barack Obama is Louis XV.

According to the CBO data, jobs created by the 2009 stimulus bill cost on an average of $228,055 each. And remember, most of those jobs are temporary jobs that will end once the stimulus funds run out.

If you think that teachers are hard up (and I am a teacher, though not a union member), note that the United Federation of Teachers in New York spent $1.4 million on their 50th anniversary gala celebration. It was such a extravaganza that they had to pay 16 separate caterers. That's what those mandatory dues can pay for. Read the rest of the NY Daily News report on how they've spent the money. This is the same union that wants to make sure that no teacher, even those accused of sexually molesting children, ever get fired.

Separate the myths from the facts on the Wisconsin story. Notice how many of these myths have been perpetuated by liberal icons in the media.