Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cruising the Web

Count out one more possible presidential nominee for the future. Shane Battier discounts all political possibilities for his future. It seems that his dream is to teach high school. Now that's a role model!

What is it with these guys once
they get to Washington that leads them to think that they can act swinishly with impunity? Or is it just that this the type of person who is attracted to politics in the first place. The only good thing is that the GOP got Christopher Lee out there in under 24 hours so it becomes a short-term joke rather than a running sore.

Timothy Carney demonstrates how
"one man's 'loophole' is another man's stimulus."

Are the rats leaving the sinking ship?

Surprise, surprise. The NYT continually misstates the rulings on Supreme Court decisions that it doesn't approve of. Then it refuses to correct its false claims.

Now Kathleen Sebelius is admitting that there are problems with Obamacare. But never fear, she figures that HHS can just tinker with what the bill said and fix it on its own.

James Capretta explains why the Paul Ryan and Alice Rivlin plan to cut spending on Medicare saves money while Obamacare doesn't.