Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Cruising the Web

The WSJ explains the funding bias against charter schools and how it varies from state to state.

Was it a lie or just a myopic memory, but yes, Mr. President, you have raised taxes.

It's quite a contrast between the Republicans' retreat and the Democrats' retreat. One party went across the street to the Library of Congress. The other party is going to a fancy, expensive resort in western Virginia.

Even the rosiest jobs forecasts don't have us getting to 5% unemployment until 2018. And that is if we have massive job growth. So get used to being where we're at now.

"It stinks, but it's reality." That's the way politicians need to explain things to constituents today.

And Chris Christie is vindicated
on closing down the underground tunnel into New York City. Despite the screeches from the media and New Jersey Democrats, it now looks like the project has been much improved and will save New Jersey a bunch of money.

Michael Barone
and the WSJ bemoan the demise of Democratic moderates symbolized by the death of the DLC and retirement of Joe Lieberman and Jane Harman.

I agree. The national anthem isn't a pop song and shouldn't be performed as if it were.

As Triangle basketball fans in NC today wait for the Duke-UNC game, here is a story about how Coach K has helped one family in their efforts to help their small son battle epilepsy that reminds us of what Coach K does out of the spotlight to help others.