Monday, February 07, 2011

Cruising the Web

Paul Ryan is being criticized for cutting too much in his budget proposals and then not cutting enough.

Mitch Daniels puts forth a proposal for how the states should be allowed to manage the requirements put upon them by Obamacare. It makes sense which means that Sebelius and Obama won't go for it.

One mother tells what
the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program did for her daughter. Here is one program that accomplished all that it attempted to do. And that is why the Democrats cut it.

George Will profiles
the job facing new Ohio governor John Kasich. I've always liked Kasich from his days as the chairman of the House Budget Committee working to balance the budget. He has a lot of exciting ideas of how to turn Ohio around and is one of the new GOP governors whose policies will be the model of what Republican governance can mean.

The numbers and examples that President Obama likes to tout just belie the idea that green jobs are what are going to bring our economy back. It's a pipe dream, but he refuses to admit it.

Richard Epstein explains
that the strength of Ronald Reagan was that he knew that, as Sam sang in Casablanca, "the fundamental things apply."

Geez, couldn't Christina Aguilera bother to learn the lyrics of the national anthem?