Friday, February 04, 2011

Cruising the Web

Russia is worried about the demonstrations in Egypt. They don't like unrest that they didn't cause; it might give their own citizens some ideas.

Charles Krauthammer makes an argument for the Egyptian military being the best vehicle for midwifing free and fair elections. And he explains why ElBaradei's victory as the Muslim Brotherhood's stooge is such a threat.

George Melloan explains why the states cannot afford the provisions mandated on them in Obamacare.

Sister Toldjah wonders how the media would cover the anti-Koch brothers protest and the ugliness express there if that had been instead a tea party protest.

Ah, the rich hypocrisy of Henry Waxman warning against the new Republican chair of the Energy and Commerce committee Fred Upton from pursuing investigations of the Obama administration. Waxman has made his career on frivolous investigations of Republicans.

Charting the different impacts of Reagan's policies in the 1981 recession with Obama's (and Bush's) policies in the present one.'

Senators Lieberman and Collins have released
a Senate report on how political correctness paved the way for Major Hasan's promotions and prevented any action being taken that could have averted the Fort Hoot Shootings.

President Obama is ignoring quite a few of his own Cabinet appointees while basically consulting only a small circle of his political advisers. That's not the management style of a man who knows how to run any mid-sized organization, much less the federal government.

How many crimes does a criminal have to commit in Scotland
in order to be sent to prison? Hint: it's more than 30 for many of them.

As we gear up for all the remembrances for Ronald Reagan on the 100th anniversary of his birth, Jonah Goldberg reminds us of how the only conservatives that liberals like are dead ones. When those same people are alive - not so much.

Senator Bill Nelson of Florida demonstrates again that he didn't read the Obamacare bill that he voted for and hasn't even read the news summaries of Judge Vinson's decision. Yet he'll go on ABC and pretend to actually know what he's talking about.