Tuesday, January 11, 2011

When cartoonists attack

I had seen a cartoon in the Washington Post by Jeff Danziger that had struck me as totally irresponsible and disgusting. It showed a teapot with a a gun-wielding shooter arising out of the pot. Ed Frank actually wrote Danziger to complain about the cartoon and has published their dialogue. Not only does Danziger not back down from the message of his cartoon, he continues to blame the rhetoric of the tea party movement as ultimately responsible.
It is designed like all oped art to be provocative and interpretative. It shows a point of view which relates the hyperbole of the tea party people to the actions of a disturbed mentality. The disgusting part is the lack of inclination to blame the people untimately responsible. They are again being given a pass for the viciousness they have engendered, at least in part.

I would guess that your experience is on one political side rather than the other. I am on neither. I want all this goddam noise and manufactured strife to stop. I want people to work toward a better country. I think I have earned the right to insist on it. I am not a Democrat nor a Republican, neither left nor right. I was drafted and served in Vietnam and was awarded a Bronze Star and an Air Medal and received a field commission. That probably means less to me than to others, but I don’t have to apologize to anyone for my views. This may not equate to working in political communications as you have done, but it counts for something
When challenged by Frank to show any connection between the shooter and the tea party or to distinguish his crazed murderous intentions from those of the killers at Virginia Tech and Columbine, Danziger displays his own measured rhetoric on those with whom he disagrees.
I have been watching the development of this combination of loons and opportunists since it started. The Tea Party, the very name is ridiculous. Crazed fat people tortured by their lack of success in life, following the absolute worst of our politicians. Palin, Angel, Quayle’s rotten kid. These people are your choice for anything? The whole thing is based on unreality. Don’t you understand? And Mcveigh was reading that crazy shit from the enbd times or whagtever it is called.

In the end the government has GOT to work. We are in competition with the world. Car companies don’t compete. nation now compete. And these asses want to go back to the 1700′s. I’ve written enough. The whole thing is probably unstoppable except with another dumb war. That’s what usually happens. You can have it.
Gee, drawing an incendiary cartoon and then anticipating "another dumb war" to stop those "crazed fat people tortured by their lack of success in life" is his way of trying to get "all this goddam noise and manufactured strife to stop"? Could have fooled me.