Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Thoughts on the State of the Union

Great - everyone applauds the idea of treating teachers with respect, (though teachers don't get a standing O) but how does the federal government accomplish that? And if young people follow the President's advice to become a teacher, I'd just warn them that many localities have hiring freezes on as education budgets are being cut.

If he's worried about people coming to our schools and then being sent back to their countries, how about raising the limit on H1B visas?

Do we really need to send everyone to college? There are a lot of jobs that shouldn't need a college diploma - maybe some community college training, but not an expensive four-year degree. This is a phony goal and not even a desirable one.

Oh jeez - that pipe dream of high-speed rail! That is such a sink-hole of spending.

He's worried about our infrastructure. Wasn't that what the $800 billion stimulus was supposed to be about? Oh, no. I remember. Most of it was stuffed full of favored pork spending for Democratic appropriators, not the infrastructure and construction jobs that he is now getting concerned about two years after that stimulus bill.

Aren't there free-trade agreements with Columbia and Panama that have been sitting on the shelf due to Democratic opposition? And now he's talking free trade?

Is government spending really the engine that drives our economy? What a skewed idea he has of how our economy works! As long as he thinks and acts that way, the engine of the our economy will never grow at the rates we'd like to see.

If he is willing to consider medical malpractice reform, why didn't he encourage the Democrats to include that in their plan and try to bring in a few Republicans on that issue? We all know why - the Democrats have no intention of hurting one of their major supporting interest groups - the trial lawyers.