Thursday, January 13, 2011

A good speech

President Obama gave a good speech last night. I'm not one of these people who thinks that a speech by any politician "heals the nation's wounds," but the President spoke in a dignified and graceful way about the victims. He resisted the temptation to be political and made a few remarks calling out those who are pointing fingers and assigning blame and asked instead for humility in political debate. But he realized that the important part was to bring our focus back to the victims and the heroism of those who acted on the scene to stop the shooter. And it was a beautiful note to ask us to try to live up to Christina Taylor Green's expectations.

President Obama rose to the occasion and gave us again a glimpse of the man many thought they had seen when he first came upon the scene at the 2004 convention.

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Pat Patterson said...

I finally saw a taped version and immediately was struck, though stated well, that he still blamed those that don't agree with his policies as the troublemakers. He kept referring to how we are better than this and that we should come together. Which to me simply put the onus on otheres rather than some of the things he and the legislature did.