Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Democratic talking points refute themselves

As the Democratic House members struggle to adapt to being in the minority while trying to craft a message that will help them take back the House in 2012, this is the best they can do for a talking point?
The beginning of that campaign message is already starting to sprout up.

“The Republicans promised three things when they came to Washington in the majority,” Israel said, previewing the Democratic message. “They promised that they would create jobs. They promised that they would reduce debt. And they promised that they would change the way Washington works. In the first three weeks, they are 0-for-three.”
Well, that line will be easy to refute. If the GOP hasn't accomplished those goals in the three weeks they've been in control (with a week off in respect for Representative Giffords), what is there about the Democrats' record in the past four years of control that leads any sentient being to think that they'd do any better?


pumping-irony said...

Hmmm, and the Republicans haven't added nearly a trillion dollars in debt to accomplish nothing or stuffed a healthcare "reform" plan that the majority hates, either. By dint of that alone, the 112th is already light years ahead of the 111th entire two years.

But, on the plus side, at least the Democrats have stopped yelling "Nazi" and "RAAAAACIST" for a while. Some of them have, anyway.

mark said...

Of course three weeks is an absurd amount of time to start criticizing. Also absurd is now claiming the $100billion cut they promised was "hypothetical". Repubs made a vow they knew they couldn't keep, and started backtracking on day one. Were you folks actually expecting better this time around?