Friday, January 28, 2011

Cruising the Web

John Tierney puts forth the reasonable proposition that, if we can't reform the Postal Service due to political rear-covering by politicians. If we can't imagine any changes in a system that is sputtering in the 21st century, how are we going to address any of the more politically fraught questions.

Barack Obama offered up an agenda fit for the 1960s. He just isn't shaping up to be ready for the reality of the 21st century.

Wow! Here is a true sports role model - Gil Meche giving up $12 million to not pitch because he just felt he wasn't earning it. Imagine if such behavior caught on.

Leftists just don't seem to like the idea of conservatives exercising their right to get together and discuss political issues. Thus Common Cause and a couple of other liberals from the Center for American Progress held a conference call to condemn the Koch brothers for hosting a meeting to discuss public issues without going public about who is attending or helping to fund the meetings. Then those complaining get very huffy when asked to give out their own private information about their group's funding.

Isn't it nice that Jay Carney can go from providing ostensibly neutral coverage of Barack Obama at Time Magazine to openly flacking for him as Press Secretary?

The Associated Press notes how the Health and Human Services Department is trying to deceive the public with its statistics of how many people could be denied health care coverage because of pre-existing medical condition. According to HHS, about half the American public faces possible denial of coverage because of pre-existing conditions. But this ignores all the legal protections there were out there already before Obamacare.

More Governor Chris Christie porn as he explains to a policeman about why the policemen are going to have to shoulder the burden for paying for some of their health care. As he tells the angry questioner, "Don't be angry at the first guy that came here and told you the truth." The truth hurts, but ignoring economic reality has come back to bite us and we need more truth telling from our leaders instead of promising us all sorts of bells and whistles like investments in light rail and green energy jobs while also promising to freeze spending.

As Charles Krauthammer writes, there was nothing new about Barack Obama's SOTU speech. It's the same ol', same ol' gussied up with some pretense of wanting to reduce federal spending while calling for all sorts of new federal spending for his favorite targets and a freeze of the level of all the spending he's already done in his first two years.

This week's snow storm in Washington D.C. should lead people to rethink the wonder of electric cars.

What a shame that those self-praising Hollywood voters couldn't have nominated "Waiting for Superman" for Best Documentary.


pumping-irony said...

"Isn't it nice that Jay Carney can go from providing ostensibly neutral coverage of Barack Obama at Time Magazine to openly flacking for him as Press Secretary?"

Kinda like going from editor of Pravda to Breshnev mouth piece was in the good ol' days, ain't it?

muckdog said...

A guy I work with has a new electric Chevy Volt. And everyone looks at him like he's Christ. I think he did it for the ego boost, as he can show it off to everyone.

I didn't ask him how many miles he gets per lump of coal.

tfhr said...


Around the Beltway we call that a "lateral transfer".

tfhr said...


Ask him what will happen to the batteries when they're shot and who he thinks will buy a used Volt. Recycling old gasoline powered cars, at least at this point, is a pretty complete process. You have to wonder about the Volt.

LarryD said...

If Obama and co. want us to "go green" then they and the Federal Government should lead by example. Put Washington DC on renewable power. Replace the federal car fleet with electrics, or at least hybrids.

And the Ivy League universities are supposedly the cutting edge of the future, they should show us how going 90% renewable power is done.

Pat Patterson said...

In comparison to the professionalism of the US newspapers the grubby horde of UK reporters have managed to keep and actually expand their markets. But then the newspapers would actually have to identify themselves as following a particular political philosophy instead of pretending that their barely literate reporters are above, sniff, that sort of thing.
The LAT is a great example of professionalism and feigned neutrality and how that chimera destroyed the papers connections to its local readers as it became the darlings of the awards circus.