Thursday, January 27, 2011

Cruising the Web

How "human dignity" will become the coverall to approve most government regulations.

ABC News had a positive profile of Paul Ryan.

Alvin Felzenberg details how much of Obama's State of the Union speech was plagiarized from other presidents. He did what my students do. He took someone else's words, changed one or two words and then tried to pass it off as his own instead of giving credit to the original source. He even lifted part from JFK's inaugural address, a speech that President Obama had just paid tribute to. When my students do this, they get referred to the school's honor council; the President just receives applause and plaudits from the media.

AP has a long fact check of the claims Obama made about the cost of the programs he was proposing Tuesday night. Just imagine: he couldn't propose all sorts of new programs and still be telling the truth about how he was freezing money. And of course his posturing on vetoing bills with earmarks was totally hypocritical for all the bills he's already signed chock-full of earmarks and comes after the GOP already voted to ban earmarks. The list goes on and on about what he promised or stated that isn't in line with the facts.

The filibuster is safe for another couple of years. The Senate has reached a relatively modest agreement on its rules. The big change will be the end of secret holds. There will also be some procedural limitations on the minority's tools to delay action on the Senate floor.

Another reason that Newt Gingrich is not the man for the GOP in 2012: he is still defending ethanol to ethanol fans in Iowa. Do we really need a pandering, has-been bigmouth to be the face of the party?

The Weekly Standard links to a report about the school in Denver that Obama praised in the State of the Union. It turns out that the way that the school turned itself around was to fire all but six of its teachers. Is that the type of school reform that the education unions were expecting from their support of Obama?

Congressman Jim Moran from Virginia has to be one of the more despicable members of the Democratic caucus. His latest contribution to civility was to go on Arab television and say that the reason why people voted Republican in 2010 is because they're like Southerners who rejected a president opposed to slavery and today just "don't want to be governed by an African-American." Can't the good folk of Alexandria find someone less objectionable to represent them?

Words no longer seem to mean anything. The British Supreme Court has ruled that shouting at one's spouse or partner or denying money to that partner can count as domestic violence. The result is that authorities can now throw a person out of his or her home.

Can you imagine if a Republican congressman had tried to boot Gabrielle Giffords off of her committee assignment while she undergoes rehabilitation?

The count of companies being given waivers from Obamacare has more than tripled since November. It's now up to 729 companies. It turns out that it costs these companies too much to upgrade to the more expensive plan mandated by Obamacare. So the solution is just to waive the requirements.

It's lovely that Senator Reid is the one who wants to block Obama's call for an end of earmarks. He wants to stand up for the right to add in pork. Is that what the Democrats in the Senate want to stand for? Of course, with the Republicans vowing to ban earmarks and the President promising to veto such bills, Senator Reid doesn't have the leverage he did when he was adding in pork to pass the stimulus and healthcare bills.

Reid also acknowledges
that the Republicans will be able to force the repeal bill of Obamacare to the floor of the Senate for a vote. Good. Get all those Democrats up in 2012 on record once again for their support of the whole monstrosity of a bill.