Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Cruising the Web

A history buff altered an Abraham Lincoln document to try to make it look like Lincoln issued a pardon on the day of his assassination. Actually, the pardon was written a year earlier and he changed a four to a five in the date. How despicable! What type of history buff would do such a thing?

Salon lists the five biggest aisle-hogs at presidential addresses. Do they think that anyone cares that they're in the camera shot as the President exits the chamber? Oh, and note the party of the five that they highlight.

Here's some discretionary spending I heartily endorse cutting.

Is the country better off now than it was two years ago? It's a good question. The numbers don't look good.

If you thought it was difficult to count "jobs created or saved" by the stimulus, how about the new buzz phrase from the Department of Energy: "lives touched." Gag.

Rand Simberg says "Enough with the 'Sputnik Moments' Already." Exactly.

Doug Ross gives us Barack Obama's State of the Union speech in 90 seconds.


Debbie said...

Could you give us the link to the Doug
Ross summary?


Pat Patterson said...

A Sputnik moment? Duck and cover drills. Doubling the military budget and most importantly finding a bunch of ex-Nazi scientists to design and build the new rockets. I can hardly wait.

2421Rich said...

"Lives Touched" is an appropriate phrase right now while our income taxes are due.

equitus said...

What type of history buff would do such a thing?

The kind that would compromise their integrity for several thousand dollars.