Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cruising the Web

The Obama administration is worried about the slow development of new medicines by the drug companies that Democrats like to demonize. So he's starting up a government program to develop new medicines. Hmmm. Why don't they look into government policies that discourage companies from making the huge financial investment involved in researching a new medicine and bringing it to market. Of course, the New York Times doesn't bother to even touch on that aspect of the problem. They'd rather bash Republicans for cutting discretionary spending.

Fred Siegel traces the history of public workers getting the right to unionize. Unsurprisingly, although even Democratic politicians used to say that it was against the public interest to have unionized public workers, it was Democratic politicians from New York City Mayor Robert Wager to John F. Kennedy, who decided that they could win the permanent support of a new interest group and allow them to form a union.

The Chinese pianist Lang Lang who played a song about the brave Chinese army killing the "jackals" or American troops in the Korean War
is mystified why anyone would have thought that an inappropriate choice to play at the White House. Yeah, right.

David B. Rivkin and Lee A. Casey expose the ideological crusade of Common Cause to try to keep Supreme Court justices from attending educational and professional events. Would they prefer that the justices remain cloistered and never pop their heads out of the marble halls of the Supreme Court?

Check out John Hawkins' interview of Thomas Sowell. Sowell is always interesting, whether you agree with him or not. While you're there, think of helping John out with his fundraising drive.

Apparently, 10 am on Tuesday morning is the most stressful point of the workweek. At least it is for British workers. I better warn my second period class today.

Rich Lowry looks back on the Democrats' famous euphemism for government spending - "investment." Every time you hear the President tonight say a variant of "invest," just substitute "spend taxpayer money" in your mind and you'll have a better idea of what he's advocating.

Jennifer Rubin thinks
that President Obama needs an intervention when it comes to government spending, er, "investment."

My husband links to CNN.com's story about how projections are that, by 2020, if we don't reform entitlements and reduce our national debt, the government will be able to spend only 8 cents of every federal tax dollars. That is one-third of what we can spend today.

No surprise that the new target
of the Democrats' demonization strategy is Paul Ryan.

Politico rounds up the suggestions
of pundits for drinking games during the State of the Union. For my students, who will be watching the speech tonight, I recommend M & M's. Chocolate improves any homework assignment.