Monday, January 24, 2011

Cruising the Web

George Allen is going to run again for the Senate, perhaps setting up a rematch with Jim Webb. How many times will the Washington Post be able to insert "macaca" into every story about Allen?

Timothy Carney makes an argument that President Obama isn't anti-business, but anti-free market. That is why Jeff Immelt is his ideal of a businessman - someone who has found ways to use government to make a profit. Just what Obama likes in the business world: government subsidies, regulations, and bailouts.

George Will makes the argument that America's history is replete with ideological arguments as people continue to return to our nation's first principles.

Robert Samuelson worries, as quite a few people are worrying, that American policy towards China is missing how China has been working at transferring American technology to China so that jobs and financial power are following along. Yet we're getting little in return.

A state dinner is usually planned out to the smallest detail. So how did it escape the White House planners that the invited Chinese pianist played an anti-American Chinese propaganda song in front of the presidents of the United States and China?

Will it help or hurt Mitch Daniels to be the pundits' favorite candidate?

Unions oppose opening a Wal-Mart in Washington, D.C. despite the double-digit unemployment there. The community needs jobs and cheap goods, but that isn't enough for the union bosses who just care that those workers won't be unionized?