Friday, January 21, 2011

Cruising the Web

Kimberley Strassel has some recommendations for the House GOP as to how to force Obama to keep to his pledges as he seeks to convince people that he has indeed moved rightward.

One historian claims that she has found the actual workhouse that was the inspiration for Oliver Twist.

Apparently, wolves don't like heavy metal music.

The media wasn't so impressed
with the futility of symbolic acts of legislators passing bills that they knew would never be enacted into law when they praised the Democrats in 2007 for passing bills to end the funding in Iraq even though they knew that President Bush would veto the bills.

Both Common Cause and the New York Times made an error in their supposing blockbuster claim that Justices Thomas and Scalia didn't report the reimbursement that they received for giving a speech for Koch Industries.

The NYT keeps to mislead about jobs supposedly produced by the 2009 stimulus.

Philip Klein posts what Milton Friedman
said about John F. Kennedy's innaugural address. He wasn't so impressed about a free people asking what they can do for their country.

Why is the Obama administration so credulous when it comes to Hu Jintao? Or are they just being cynical and pretending to believe his sparse comment on saying that China can do better on human rights.

As George Will writes, too many tasks are migrating to federal government. We used to debate whether some policy was properly a government responsibility. That debate seems over now.

This is just some silly fun with history. Check out the funky facial hair at this site to "Get Jiggy with Civil War History." What were men thinking in the 19th century?

If you ever think the British medical system is worth emulating, read these descriptions of what is going on in maternity wards there.