Friday, January 14, 2011

Cruising the Web

Kimberley Strassel has more on the contrast between the policies being adopted by Republican governors to cut taxes to improve their business climate and those being adopted by Democratic governors who are increasing taxes. And even some incoming Democratic governors like Andrew Cuomo are realizing that they can't keep down the same disastrous path that has been destroying the job-building atmosphere in so many states.

Daniel Foster points
to a really stupid poll question from CBS News. It's a great example of a media organization trying to frame a complex issue into a simplistic question in order to generate a storyline that the media want to portray.

The Mayor of London has the ultimate plan for striking Tube workers - automate them.

Mark Tapscott pays tribute
to our Special Forces of today.

Here are some good ideas of how to rein in unaccountable regulatory agencies.

Texas senator Kay Bailey Hutchison
has announced that she will not run for reelection in 2012. The Weekly Standard profiles a possible competitor of the Republican nomination, Michael Williams. It sounds like Texas could make a serious trade-up in its senators.

Philip Terzian ponders
something that has been bothering me. Why do we look to the president to be our "mourner in chief"?

Chris Christie is trying to do
for education reform what he's also been trying to do for pension reform.

Why is a federal prison giving a furlough
to a violent prisoner with a history of escaping custody? And were they really surprised when he then escaped?

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ic said...

"...a really stupid poll question from CBS News"

Not as stupid as you thought. There would be a number of people agreeing with Jefferson that sometime insurrection was necessary. Then these respondents also supported the Tea Parties. Bingo, Tea Partiers advocate insurrection. Tea Partiers have to answer how many times they have beaten their wives today.

Don't believe me? They pointed their fingers at Palin for the Tucson Massacre. When Palin kept mum, they accused her of a guilty conscience; when she responded, they accused her of "interjecting herself into the story", and not presidential. Then TOTUS's mouth piece recited TOTUS's speech, even the right wingers at National Review grabbed onto his inane speech as a life line, and proclaimed him "presidential", else they would be branded right wing extremists who exploited the tragedy.