Thursday, January 13, 2011

Cruising the Web

Jay Cost takes an interesting historical look back at the realignment of the political parties in Congress since the Great Depression and then offers some advice to the new GOP majority in the House of how they can maintain that majority.

Governor Christie has some valuable advice
for the Republicans in the House - say no to state governors asking for more money. Voters have to realize that the federal government won't be bailing the states out so the state governments are going to have to tighten their belts rather than depending on federal bailouts. Good advice.

Lincoln Chaffee is the new governor of Rhode Island and he's struck his own blow against his media critics - he's ordered state workers not to appear for interviews on talk radio because they are "ratings-driven, for-profit programming." So are they also going to stay of the local television networks? Those aren't nonprofit operations. Could it just be that he doesn't like what talk radio hosts say about him? Or does he just object to businesses that seek to make profits?

Some myths never die. RFK Jr. blames his uncle's shooting in Dallas on a right-wing climate of hate in Dallas rather than on Lee Harvey Oswald, a communist who had previously defected to the Soviet Union. Maybe RFK should go back to kissing up to Hugo Chavez and trying to convince parents not to get their kids vaccinated. Oh, and add in blaming 9/11 on Reagan's fuel economy standards.

Jeff Jacoby explains why binding arbitration is a fool's solution for public employee union demands.

Alex B. Berezow attacks the ever-occurring myth of gender discrimination in science.

Jim Geraghty asks a good question
- why are we polling about the gunman's motivations? It's not even clear that he understands his motivations, much less a public that hasn't met or heard from him.