Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cruising the Web has a great metaphorical story for those contemplating heading to law school.

Charming. Bernie Sanders seeks to raise money off of the Arizona murders.

Here is one of the loonier proposals to come out of the concern over the safety of our elected representatives. James Clyburn, one of the top Democrats in the House, doesn't think that "congresspeople should be treated like everybody else" when they go through TSA security at the airport because it is "Where we feel the most ill at ease." Yes, being surrounded by armed guards searching for weapons on everyone is just where they're most vulnerable.

Michael Barone reminds us
how rare political assassinations are in our politics. Think of the tens of thousands of public events that our 535 members of Congress have held through times of great political vitriol. May they continue to do so iin the future. That is what our system of government is all about.

Hillary Clinton's remarks about
sending Gitmo detainees back to Yemen to the same sort of rehabilitation program that failed so terribly with the Saudis is a very worrisome idea. Is Gitmo so absolutely terrible that it would be better to trust the Yemeni government to rehabilitate the most hard-core terrorists now being held there?