Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Cruising the Web

Timothy Carney points out that the vision of Democrats voting for the health care bill and risking their jobs is not the profile in courage it might seem. There are always those high-paying jobs working as a lobbyist on health care issues waiting for them.

Oh my, a Democratic congressman said that the Republican candidate for Florida, now Governor Rick Scott, deserves to we ought to put him "against the wall and shoot him." If we're going to blame political discourse, there is going to be a whole lot of quotes that people are going to dredge up that demonstrate that both parties use this sort of rhetoric. Somehow this quote by Paul Kanjorski, who lost in November, seems a lot more specific than using targets on a website.

David Brooks points to the real debate we should be having now. What should we, as a society, do to treat mentally ill people who deny that they have a problem and are potential dangers to others? How can we protect others while still respecting the rights of individuals? Should we be reexamining the laws on involuntary treatment? Those are the kinds of questions that relate to the shooting in Tuscon since the shooter seems to have presented behavior that indicated his dangerous state of mind. But those questions are a lot more difficult to address than the political opportunism that we've seen in the past few days.

William McGurn contrasts the approach
to their states' deficits of New York's Andrew Cuomo and Illinois's Pat Quinn. It sounds as if Cuomo understands what he is facing and Quinn is just living in the same fantasy budgeting world that got his state into the hole that they're now in.

The NYT had a story this weekend that every person thinking about going to law school should read. Thousands of students piled up hundreds of thousands in debt and now can't find a job. Meanwhile, law schools are finding all sorts of ways to fudge their statistics on employment after graduation. They count people as employed even if they're only waiting tables. Everyone thinks that they'll be making the big money after they finish even if they're not one of the best students graduating from one of the top schools.

Meanwhile, if you missed it yesterday, check out Michelle Malkin's primer on the "progressive 'climate of hate.' If we're going to start pointing fingers at every bit of ugly rhetoric out there in politics, there is plenty coming from the left that is quite ugly. Before they issue calls for the right to apologize somehow for contributing to a 'climate of hate,' they should start cleaning out their own stables.