Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Cruising the Web

Hmm. Some interesting tidbits on Saddam's nuclear program from Wikileaks. I wonder why the media isn't highlighting this information?

Here's a defense of Captain Owen P. HOnors who just got kicked out of his job commanding the USS Enterprise.

Let me add my voice to the call to replace Christiane Amanpour with Jake Tapper.

Governors are other states are planning to run advertising campaigns
in California to entice businesses to leave the high-tax state and come to their states. I bet it will be a persuasive message for many businesses.

Apparently, the newest front on the PC battlefront is history textbook editors seeking to excise the word "slave" from chapters on the ante-bellum South and the Civil War and replace it with "enslaved person."

Michael Barone points to an interesting factoid - the GOP members of the House and Senate are now younger by average age than the average Democrats. The differences between the two parties on age are wider than they have ever been. The Democratic Party prides itself on its appeal to the young, but they're representing that generation with older politicians who have a completely different frame of reference.

Nancy Pelosi claims that she would have still passed Obamacare even if everyone in the country was happy with his or her health insurance. Apparently, she actually believes the fantasies the Democrats put forth about how the bill would save money despite all the tricks that they had to use to get a favorable evaluation from the CBO. Just for starters - remember how they wrote a bill asking the CBO to count ten years of tax hikes and six years of benefits? I'm sure that that is the way all Americans figure up their family budgets.