Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Cruising the Web

Guy Benson has the story of how the Russian Duma, just as opponents of the START treaty warned, are insisting that the preamble language limiting US missile defense capability is central to the treaty. It's not a good sign when the country we're signing a treaty with are so open about how they think it means something different from what our president is telling us it means.

Roger Pilon of the Cato Institute briefly reviews how we went from being a country with a limited government to the boundless powers that are now claimed for the government. No wonder the Democrats are laughing at the quaint idea that legislators should indicate the constitutional authority for any new law.

Bill McGurn outlines the battles
that now exist between private and public union workers. Those who work in the private sector are a bit tired of having to pay for generous benefits going to those in the public sector.

Even Illinois is getting the message on education reform. They're about to vote on tying teacher tenure to student achievement on tests. They're also going to limit the power of teachers to strike. Amen. There is something that seems criminal about teachers going on strike and holding the children hostage for their wage demands. If Illinois Democrats have gotten the message, there is indeed hope.

Thomas Sowell is particularly scathing in talking about how there are those of the underclass who are being treated as the mascots of the elites.

Why is the Department of Health and Human Services paying money to steer the results of Google searches?

These are very sad and dramatic photographs of "Detroit in ruins." Check out the photo display to see what the end of a once-prosperous city looks like.