Thursday, December 23, 2010

Cruising the Web

Maybe this is why people are so ticked at Congress - it's made more laws affecting more Americans since the 1960s.

As you read through the list of changes made in the 9/11 First Responders health bill, it's clear that the issue was never whether the federal government should pay for their health. It was always about how best to do so while limiting the opportunities for waste and fraud. It was pure demagoguery to cast this as a story of Tom Coburn leading the GOP to deny health care to first responders. It is demagoguery like that which will prevent any true reform of programs like Medicare and Medicaid. But then demagoguery is so much easier, isn't it?

Alan Reynolds explains why it is a myth to say that those in the top income groups "supposedly received huge windfalls from the Bush tax cuts."
That's one way to be sure that neither lawyer picks him.
Steve Martin is tweeting
while waiting for jury duty.

Obama sure likes the superlatives - when discussing himself and his accomplishments.

Is the solution to getting kids to eat more healthily to get rid of government-subsidized lunches?

How a schedule change in the new GOP House could actually save money. We'll see. I think I've heard these sorts of promises before.

Using e-mail is like so last century. It's just too time-consuming for today's younger generation. It's true - I've found that it's often more certain to get a response from a kid by leaving them a message on Facebook instead of an email.

If only we could get the FDA to follow its instructions from Congress.

Good news - Henri IV's head has been found. Cross that off my worry list.