Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Cruising the Web

Steve Chapman bemoans the drive in schools to make all students above average, or maybe just average.

Thomas Sowell has one of his random thoughts columns. There are many nuggets of wisdom in there, but here is one that really resonates with me. "The History Channel has some very good programs when it sticks to history. But it keeps going off on tangents, with all kinds of contemporary activities and even weird speculations that are not history." I suppose that they must get good ratings for their gadget shows and tales of ice truck drivers, but I sure wish they'd go back to having programming based on, well, history.

Isn't there something problematic when the FCC ignores both the courts and Congress to try to pass some mysterious version of "net neutrality?"

The political blogosphere is in a mini-tizzy about remarks that Haley Barbour made praising the work of the Citizens Council in his town to keep the KKK out. He demonstrates a distressing level of ignorance about the state of civil rights in Mississippi while he was growing up. Add in his history of making other insensitive or misleading racial comments and it just becomes a bridge too far for him to be the Republican nominee in 2012. I just cringe at the thought of Republicans having to defend his history of questionable statements plus his association with the Council of Conservative Citizens which has a history of opposition to "efforts to mix the races of mankind," and anti-Jewish positions, in an election against Barack Obama. Fair or not, Barbour won't be able to rise above such questions.

Larrey Anderson has some thoughts about the claim that Barack Obama "always believes he is the smartest person in any room."

The Washington Post highlights just a bit of typical Capitol Hill hypocrisy - senators on the Senate Armed Service Committee prohibit their staff and potential nominees from owning stocks or bonds in companies that have Defense Department contracts. But they don't have the same prohibitions for themselves. Convenient, eh?


John A said...

"senators on the Senate Armed Service Committee prohibit their staff and potential nominees from owning stocks or bonds in companies that have Defense Department contracts."

Oh my, there go the shares Grampa left them in AT&T/IBM/GE/Coca-Cola/...

"But they don't have the same prohibitions for themselves."

Well... That is just "business as usual" for both parts of Congress. E.g., minimum-wage law does not apply to [teenage] pages.

pumping-irony said...

I love the thought that Obama thinks he is always the smartest person in every room. I'm not sure I'd believe Obama was the smartest person in a phone booth he happened to be standing in.

mark said...

No worries. Barbour walked back his idiotic comments. Turns out he's not a racist after all.
Repubs can now re-focus on denying health care to 911 responders. We just voted to give billions in tax breaks to millionaires. Perhaps if first-responders would create some jobs (or claim to), they might be worthy of our help.

Director Mitch said...

What's the scientific link to 911 responders and any health questions? Is "health care" being denied or free insurance for life?