Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Cruising the Web

Theodore H. Frank explains why Wal-Mart has a very persuasive argument in the case that the Supreme Court just accepted from the Ninth Circuit. There is an important reason why the gender discrimination claims against Wal-Mart shouldn't be bundled together into a massive class action suit.

Noemie Emery notes
how the media doesn't seem to recognize racism in Democratic criticisms of President Obama when they sensed racism behind any conservative criticism. Is this a sign of progress in our understandings of race in politics or just liberal bias?

True judicial activism: recognizing Festivus as a legitimate religion.

Steven Malanga writes that most states haven't faced up to the reality of the long-term austerity plans that they need to implement in order to survive.

Rich Lowry is scathing on the ethanol senators who manipulate concerns about the environment to have the government protect ethanol through mandates for its use, subsidies to fund it, plus a tariff to keep out foreign ethanol. All for a form of energy that actually increases greenhouse emissions and drives up the price of food.

Learn what tort reform has done for Texas and what more they are attempting to do.

Friday is the day to watch for the FDA's ruling on whether or not to revoke approval for Avastin to be used for women with late-stage breast cancer. Dr. Robert Goldberg explains why this is such an important decision.

Ilya Somin makes a powerful argument as to why the individual mandate should not pass constitutional scrutiny.