Thursday, December 09, 2010

Cruising the Web

This is a good first step - the GOP blocked a Democratic effort to give $250 to Social Security recipients to replace the money that they didn't get from having a COLA increase this year. Since inflation was so low, there was no need for a cost of living increase and The seniors got an extra-large bonus in 2009 because of a short-term spike in gas prices, but the Democrats weren't interested in letting a little reason like that stand in their way.

Michelle Malkin has more on how the extensions on unemployment benefits are affecting small businesses.

Noemie Emery is exactly right when she touts the benefits of a politician laboring for eight or more years in semi-obscurity before trying to break out and govern on the national stage. She uses both Obama and Palin as examples of promising politicians who were plucked too soon from their semi-obscurity into the media bright lights.

Poor Barack - for all his derogatory rhetoric, he keeps on continuing Bush-era policies.

John F. Cogan and John B. Taylor write today in the WSJ to explain why the Obama stimulus package of 2009 did not have the multiplier effect on the economy that our new Keynesians promised us.

Ah, Berkeley. It never seems to change in its animus to our country. Now the City Council wants to pass a resolution commending Army Pfc. Bradley Manning, who is thought to have leaked the documents to WikiLeaks. Instead of a meaningless, yet offensive resolution, why don't they put their money where their mouths are. WikiLeaks hasn't contributed to Manning's legal defense fund as they promised to. Perhaps the Berkeley taxpayers would like to pony up.

David Freddoso explains how politicians are scrambling to get their favored provisions to help their supporters inserted into the compromise tax deal. Harry Reid has a payoff to those big casino owners who helped fuel his Senate reelection. And just to show that the inclination is bipartisan, Charles Grassley wants to insert the subsidies for the ethanol that his Iowa supporters adore.

California legislators who have managed to turn the Golden State into the Bankrupt State now want to file suit against their own state in order to get a pay raise and benefits. Just what the California taxpayers need. Well, they voted for these jerks and now they're going to have to pay the piper.