Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Cruising the Web

Not having managed to pass these bills before the election, the Democrats are hoping to stuff more than 100 land and water bills into one big omnibus and cram it through in the next couple of weeks. They hope that there is enough in the whole mess to gain votes from enough Republicans.

States and towns are in such a hole with trillions in debt that we will be hearing of their potential bankruptcies for a long time to come.

Mark Hemingway
links to an LA Times story about how the Los Angeles plan to reduce carbon by buying only green vehicles is not saving money at all.

Megan McArdle has an interesting post about how perverse incentives explain why DC Metro escalators are so often broken.

Afghan police have arrested the man who cut off his daughter-in-law's nose for running away from her husband. Bibi Aisha bravely allowed her photograph to appear on Time Magazine thus bringing worldwide attention to the crime.

Here would be a welcome move
from the Republicans when they take over the House: end the ban on incandescent light bulbs. And after that - it's time to get rid of the low-flow toilets.

This is how low our government has fallen - it can't even print money properly.

ObamaCare is so wonderful that HHS has already given out 222 waivers to businesses and unions who want to get out of its mandates.

When you hear about Obama's pay freeze for federal workers, don't get too impressed. Over 1 million federal workers are still going to get $2.5 billion in pay raises. Only in Washington, would that be called a pay freeze.

Jay Cost marvels, as do I, on the seeming permanence of the Kennedy myth.

Jeff Jacoby explodes the myth of American Islamophobia.