Friday, December 03, 2010

Cruising the Web

Margery Eagan talks to Massachusetts unemployed workers and finds surprisingly weak support for extending unemployment benefits yet another time. They have a lot of suspicion of their fellow unemployed workers who are "gaming the system."

Bill Simmons has a very sweet column
about how he was working to make sure that his five-year old daughter develops the correct loyalties in basketball.

Mary Katharine Ham has a lot of fun with Harry Reid's celebration of Nevada football.

Jonah Goldberg argues that Obama has a "Never Mind" energy policy.

Mark Tapscott points to many of the ways
that the federal government is dampening growth in the economy.

Apparently, banks will be charged with racism if they require people getting FHA-backed loans to have strong credit histories. Don't they remember what got us into this recession in the first place - guaranteeing loans to people who were taking out more than they could repay?