Tuesday, November 02, 2010

The teachers union is never about the children

Here is a great example at one blogger's school of what really matters to the teachers union. Here is what Right on the Left Coast reports,
We have a librarian at my school only 2-1/2 days a week, as she must split her time between 2 high schools. When she's not there, parent volunteers staff the library so that it's available to students.

A union grievance was filed, and today we were told that the library cannot be open anymore when she's not there. Teachers can take their classes in there, but books cannot be checked out. The library will no longer be available for students to do make-up tests in on the days when our official librarian isn't on site.

The next time a teachers union tells you something is "for the children", you remember this story.
As I have written before, the teachers union are like any other union - they're out for themselves, not the children. This story about the union working hard to make sure that children can't check out books tells us all that we need to know about the union.


2421Rich said...

How could they forget that the schools exist, first and foremost, for the benefit of the children. It is time we end this foolish experiment of Unions in our schools to protect the teachers at the expense of the children.

Rick Caird said...

Back in the 70's, I use to read the NYT Sunday paper. Albert Shanker, head of the New York City Teachers Union used to have a weekly column. I do remember a quote from him:

"I will start representing the students, when the students start paying dues". Nothing has changed. Unions are always, always about the dues paying members. Any other claim is a lie.

Darren said...

Thank you for the link.

Lee Reynolds said...

This is precisely why the pure public model for public education doesn't work.

If I hire someone to cut my hair, they are beholden to me to do a good job. If they don't, I find someone who will and they don't get paid.

But when parents and students have no choice where those student go to school and who their teachers are, the result is a perversion of the profit motive.

Teachers want to be paid, and they want job security. Let no one tell you otherwise. Teachers are not saints. They are not martyrs. They are not heroes. They are there in that classroom because because of all the things that they are capable of doing, being there is what gives them either the biggest paycheck, or the greatest personal satisfaction.

They want to get paid in other words.

But when their paycheck isn't tied to their performance, as measured by the consumers they are serving (aka the students and their parents), then the result is bad performance.

Vouchers are the only answer that I can see.

But of course they left doesn't like that because it would actually result in schools improving and talented students from modest and even impoverished backgrounds being given the opportunity to achieve great things. Without an artificially maintained subculture based upon dependence and despondence, the left's electoral fortunes would evaporate.