Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Success, but not total

Expectations were so high, that Republicans are feeling perhaps let down that it wasn't even bigger. But let's not let disappointment about California or Nevada get us down. The swing in the house is historic and a major repudiation of the liberal agenda pursued so doggedly by Nancy Pelosi. The Republicans have a crop of very promising figures who should excite conservatives. Marco Rubio will be an inspiring new voice on the national scene. Taking the governor's seats in states like Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and New Mexico will give conservatives a chance to demonstrate what their policy preferences can do for a state's economy.

In my state, North Carolina, Republicans have won control of both houses of the state legislature for the first time since a federal army occupied the state during Reconstruction. [Correction: there was a brief two-year period from 1896-1898 when the Republicans fused with the Populists to control the government. Then a vicious white supremacy campaign in 1898 allowed the Democrats to regain control.]

And don't forget the impact that the Republicans local victories will have on redistricting.

One lesson that conservative voters should learn is to not fall for someone who says all the right things on selected issues, but has lots of baggage as a candidate. Losing Nevada hurts - was Sharron Angle the only person in Nevada who could lose to Harry Reid? Or would Sue Lowden or Danny Tarkanian have turned out to be just as vulnerable to Reid's negative ads? We just don't know. And Christine O'Donnell? Enough has been said about her. At least the GOP won't have to be cringing for the next six years over gaffes by Angle and O'Donnell. They'll be gone from the scene and we'll still have very credible new senators like Ron Johnson and Pat Toomey who may become conservative stars on the scene.

The victories of Jerry Brown and Barbara Boxer in California sure are disappointing. Well, the state will reap some more of what the Democrats have been sowing there. And at least we have a marked example that money alone will not win elections after Whitman reportedly spent about $140 million of her own money to try to win that race.

And 2012 should be interesting. There will be incumbent Senate Democrats from red states like Montana, Virginia, Nebraska, and North Dakota up for reelection. We'll see if senators who won in the 2006 wave election will be able to hold on. Such pondering will have to wait a bit while we see how the next two years shake out.


Locomotive Breath said...

California will soon look like Detroit. The good news is that with the Republicans in control of the House and the filibuster-proof majority gone in the Senate, there will be no bailouts of states like CA.

Freeven said...

I read that CA's current budget already relies on $5 billion in federal bailout -- none of which has yet been approved, and "only" $3 billion of which has even been proposed.

I hope you're right that these and other bailouts won't happen, but I suspect they will.

Question for anyone: if Washington refuses to bail them out, what happens to a state that "defaults"? What does that even mean, and has it ever happened before?

kimsch said...

Does the change in state legislature mean that possibly that 100 school limit on charter schools could be lifted?

lorraine_lanning said...

It's clear that Colorado is now truly purple because of the influx of people from elsewhere, mostly CA. Do they want to turn us into the same mess that they're leaving?

Our Senate race is still too close to call, they're down to counting previsionals and mail-ins and there may be a recount.

I knew our governor's race was doomed but really thought we could take the Senate and maybe win back state control. That power balance is also too close to call.

I think I'll move to Wyoming.

CA reaps what they sow, as long as the Feds don't make taxpayers bail them out.

equitus said...

Dems swept all the state-wide offices in California, even Atty General where the Dem Harris is a nightmare. Add to that losses on Props 23 (global warming) and 25 (budget approval), and this state will be a basket case in pretty soon.

California once was considered a bellwether. Now it's a has-been.

tfhr said...


California is a self-flagellating piñata. The metaphor has plenty of room to expand with blindfolded voters and Jerry Brown as a tattered, old, paper donkey, but the candy was beat out that state a long time ago.

Dennis Miller, a Pittsburg transplant to Califorñia, says the election results makes him feel like one of the movie extras that is always on the wrong side of the water-tight door as the Poseidon or Titanic is sinking. Funny...but this isn't a movie.

elbogz said...

One hundred percent of Harry Reid’s ads were video or audio Sharron Angle saying something and then another person would come along and go, “that’s crazy” “that’s extreme” Sharron Angle’s own words were her worst enemy. The problem as I saw it was the tea party express came in about 3 weeks before the primary, picked Angle, propped her up with a bunch of TV spots, so she won the primary election, without consideration if she had any ability to win the general election. She had no website, no state wide presence, no staff and no ability to go on TV. Then the t-party left Nevada and allowed Harry Reid to totally destroy her before she ever uttered a single word. Harry controlled the airwaves for up until about 6 weeks before the elections and then the t- party finally came back to Nevada and ran some “gee did you know Harry Reid was a bad guy?, ads. Too late. I think the answer to “the any one but Angle” was answered in his son’s run for governor. People hated the Reid brand, but not enough to vote for the “quote” crazy woman “end quote”

So Cal Jim said...

I cannot, in my wildest imagination, conceive of what in the hell my fellow Californians were thinking when they voted Brown in as our governor. I remember the last time he was our governor. He didn't earn the nickname "Governor Moonbeam" for nothing. He was a disaster.

The idiots in my state also voted in Gavin Newsom to be our lieutenant governor. Newsom is even farther to the left than Brown is. Thank God our Lt. Gov is an almost powerless position. Of course, the bad part is that it has been used a springboard to the governorship (i.e., Gray Davis - our last Democrat governor who was so worthless that we recalled him in a special election).

Finally, we now have Kamala Harris as our new Attorney General. All I can think to say about that is, "WTF?!?" Harris is currently San Francisco's District Attorney and is thought of as a sick joke in law enforcement circles. She's a far left, enviro-Nazi, who is soft, soft, soft on crime - particularly crime committed by illegal aliens.

California is already a financial basket case. These fools are going to push it over a cliff. You all better start lobbying your federal representatives right now to NOT help California with federal aid when the crash comes. The sooner we have to live with the consequences of these disastrous elections the sooner sanity will prevail and we can get rid of these socialist hacks.

tfhr said...

So Cal Jim,

Go east, young man. Just don't go too far east.

Kurt said...

lorraine_lanning's explanation of what happened to Colorado also applies to Nevada. Nevada was a reliabily conservative state for many years until many Californians started relocating here, pushing up property values and leading to the situation that eventually made the crash here so bad. Unfortunately, the Californians also brought their left-wing politics with them. Fortunately the state had the sense to reject Rory Reid, but there are enough liberals that the Harry Reid attack strategy--accurately described by elbogz--was a success in scaring people away from voting for Angle.

Stan said...

California is already too far gone.

tfhr said...

How long before Califorñia's leading export is refugees?

So Cal Jim said...

tfhr -- it's already begun. What with the insane global warming regulations that are mandated by our insane legislators and all the other taxes and fees on business in this state, businesses are already abandoning ship. The exodus will become a raging flood into neighboring states before too long. But like someone I know said recently, the people leaving California in the next few years are taking their wealth and income producing abilities with them. Overall, California's refugees will be a boon not a curse to other states. It's the masses of needy entitlement recipients and government union types who are going to stay and burn down everything that was once great about this beautiful place.

Again, please contact your representatives and senators and DEMAND that YOUR tax dollars NOT finance the socialist crap being dished out here on the Left Coast. "Not one RED cent," should be the motto when it comes to bailing out my state. It would be the kind of tough love that Lefties in this country don't get enough of.

tfhr said...

So Cal Jim,

Ex-pat Californians can be known as "Anti-Okies". It's sadly ironic that most of the original Okies arrived in California with the HOPE of becoming migrant farm workers having left the dust bowl behind them. Now the state has shut off the water to some of California's best farm land and the producers of California's wealth producing jobs are fleeing the state. I'm not sure which one of those is the insult and which is the injury but it could add up to a painful death for the Golden State.

Pulling that migrant string a little further, I have to wonder where the proof is that supports the wild claim that the illegal immigrant population in this country pays it's "share" of taxes. If that were so, I guess California would be sitting on a surplus. Hmmmmm.