Friday, November 05, 2010

Pelosi's plans a gift for the GOP

Word has it that Nancy Pelosi wants to stay on as the leader of the Democrats. Steny Hoyer has said that he won't oppose her. The Blue Dog Democrats have lost many from their ranks so it's not clear that they could launch a viable candidate against Pelosi.

What could be better for the Republicans to have Pelosi hang around as the liberal foil for what they're doing? Usually the House Minority Leader remains obscure to the American public, but Pelosi already has great name recognition and low approval rates. John Boehner might not inspire excitement, but he'll always have going for him the fact that he's not Nancy Pelosi.

The Democratic caucus in the House is now more to the left than it ever was since most of those who lost on Tuesday were from districts that had sizable Republican numbers. Of course, it is deeply questionable that any of those losers were truly Blue Dogs when they voted for Pelosi in the first place and many of them supported the whole Pelosi-Obama agenda. The remaining Democrats returning to the House mostly come from heavily liberal districts so they're more likely to be true believers. If they choose Nancy Pelosi as their leader after she led them into the Slough of Despond, they will deserve what they get.


tfhr said...

My Congressman, Steny Hoyer, is too comfortable to take on the added "responsibility" of House Minority Leader. He's been comfortable for going on 30 years and he's probably afraid of Pelosi. He'll end up carrying her purse for her again.


Bachbone said...

Rep. Shuler campaigned on a promise to challenge Ms. Pelosi for her leadership position. Now he's just "urging" her not to run again and "threatening to challenge" if she does? Maybe Shuler is waiting to see whether Pelosi still has that huge gavel she lugged around for the cameras lest she drop it on his Blue Dog head?

A Term Limits Bill is desperately needed, tfhr, but it will never be initiated by Congress. It will have to come up from the States at the urging of an engaged (or enraged?) citizenry.

tfhr said...


You are 100% correct. I remember how many of the winners in the 1994 election rode in on campaign pledges of TERM LIMITS. Plenty of them are still in there.