Monday, November 29, 2010

Cruising the Web

Here is an absolutely sparkling motion from a lawyer to Judge Kimba Wood to request time off from a trial in the happy event that his expectant daughter gives birth to a baby boy. Reading it will make you smile.

It's not so much of a surprise any more when Democratic hypocrisy is exposed. But just for the record, the Democrats took in more special interest money in this year's election than the Republicans did.

Obama's fealty to the unions
is preventing him from submitting the Free Trade Agreement with Colombia to the Senate for ratification. It's a real shame because his political gamesmanship is losing money for American farmers.

Max Boot chides journalists who love to preach about the value of diplomacy but who have no shame about leaking diplomatic communications. How much success do they think that various diplomatic efforts will have if there is no faith in the secrecy of diplomatic reports? So far, the information in the latest batch of Wikileaks reports is mostly stuff that we already knew. The main result is embarrassment.

Richard Wolffe writes in the LA Times
that Obama should take a lesson from George W. Bush. Yeah, that will be the day.