Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Cruising the Web

Jacob T. Levy has some great points to answer the argument that banning earmarks wouldn't make much difference since they deal with money that has always been appropriated. He makes points that I hadn't read elsewhere.

Thomas Sowell writes that the Obama administration betrays what Edmund Burke warned about the dangers of new people with new power.

The FBI hate crime stats that were released yesterday reveal that there were more hate crimes against Jews than Muslims. Of hate crimes based on religious bias, over 70% were against Jews; against Muslims - 8.4%.

Powerline has the video
of the UN Human Rights Council beating up on the United States while our representative thanks them for their criticisms. Countries stood in line overnight for the privilege of bashing the U.S. This is what Obama signed us up for. As Scott Johnson writes, "The Obama administration has a message for the world. The message is something along these lines: The United States is very bad, but Barack Obama is very good. He seeks to redeem America from its evil." Not a winning message.

Californian legislators can no longer impose taxes and call them something else like a "user fee" and thus get around the constitutional requirement in California to get a 2/3 majority when imposing taxes.

Virginia makes a change
in their procedures to pick their candidate to oppose Senator Jim Webb in 2012. They're going from a convention to a primary. Supporters of George Allen hope that that will make it easier for him to gain the GOP nomination.

Obama's outreach to corporate America isn't winning friends and influencing people. They want to see a change in policies rather than a few photo ops and private meetings with the President.

John Hawkins delves through conservative writing to pick his 25 favorite quotes about liberals. It will drive them nuts.

William Jacobson writes that the airport security line is becoming the equivalent of town hall meetings. He's right. Imagine all those conversations that will take place as people wait in those long lines this week.

Julie Mason points out that the Obama administration has gone back and forth in just the past few days on their message about the new TSA search requirements. Once again they'll be able to blame public anger on the public's misunderstanding of their position. Whatever that position is. For such a gifted communicator, he sure has trouble communicating, doesn't he?

Both Israelis and Palestinians agree on one thing. Neither is impressed with Obama's efforts to forge a new peace in the Middle East. Israeli opinion of Obama is the lowest for any American president.

And people won't get any happier if Janet Napolitano goes forth with what she said last week about considering allowing Muslim women to be able to opt out of the full-body or partial body pat-down.


ic said...

there were more hate crimes against Jews than Muslims...

Envy is more potent than fear.

ic said...

If Muslims women would not be pat-down, there would be a whole lot of blue eye blond women, old and young covering their heads when going thru Checkpoint Charlie. There would be men covering themselves in burquas. It would be lots of fun too see the Idiot Board reader squirm.

lorraine_lanning said...

We have several family members traveling for Thanksgiving so we celebrated last Sunday.

The TSA was the main topic of conversation and, amazingly enough, completely bipartisan.

EVERYONE is taking offense at this and recognizes that it violates the 4th Amendment and doesn't make us safer.

muckdog said...

Loved the SNL skit on the TSA.

On the one hand we all want safe air travel. But the groping seems over the top. I'm not sure where the happy medium is.

tfhr said...

Thomas Sowell captured it perfectly with this single line:

"When captured terrorists who are not covered by either the Geneva Convention or the Constitution of the United States are nevertheless put on trial in American civilian courts by the Obama Justice Department, that too tells you all you need to know about how concerned they are about national security."

Compare the invasive, hands-on treatment of Americans attempting to travel by air with the Administration's concern for the sanctity of illegal aliens out for ice cream in Arizona. An officer of the law, according to the President of the United States and his Attorney General, cannot ask the driver of a car that has just run a stop light, if he or she is a citizen of the United States. If your grandma wants to fly out to see the kids and grand-kids for Thanksgiving, Officer Crotchfondler of the TSA gets to go to third base.

Marvelously inconsistent though equally effective at protecting Americans.

Bachbone said...

"Israeli opinion of Obama is the lowest for any American president." When you've had milleniums of experience dealing with peoples trying to push you into the sea and wipe you completely off the map, it's probably not too difficult to recognize a phony who can't even talk to an elementary school class without using a teleprompter.

Tacitus Voltaire said...

Officer Crotchfondler

rick caird
Ya' know, I can't believe you are actually equating the government looking at your banking records with fondling your genitals. You are quite the sick puppy

your fantasies that airport pat downs are sexual experiences - sorry, there's no way to varnish it - are truly products of very sick minds

get help

tfhr said...


Unwanted sexual contact is a crime, do you agree? Coerced contact involving genitals or breasts is a crime, do you disagree?

For the record, I feel bad for the TSA personnel that must conduct these wholly ineffective and unwarranted invasions of personal privacy. I am pretty certain they don't enjoy it and don't like the idea of someone doing the same to their family members.

This is being done for show - for public consumption - not as an effective deterrent to terrorists.

PROFILE! Focus efforts where they are needed and stop frisking 80 year old grandmothers. Take a cue from the Israelis and the procedures they use at their airports. COMMON SENSE!

Pat Patterson said...

Did TV even pretend to notice that ric caird did not comment on this thread or that after all these years TV still doesn't understand the Patriot Act or FISA. But then I'm sure he awakens and begins his today chanting "Selected not elected."

Skay said...

So they will give muslim women a pass--but not Catholic nuns?

Something is wrong with this picture.

Pat Patterson said...

But Napalitano reiterated Homeland Security's stand that no changes will be made in airport security practices. CAIR basically lied about their contacts with her for their own political advantage. In other words no scanning, no screening, no boarding pass.

I haven't see any verification of this but it seems common knowledge that the airports in SF and LA not only not letting people on when they complaing but that they are also screening or scanning diplomatic personnel. Their bags are considered foreign property but the personell only have diplomatic immunity from arrest not search.