Monday, November 22, 2010

Cruising the Web

Get ready for more and more articles related to this subject: what will be the effect on the Obama presidency when California completely collapses?

Another video of Christie porn as he details what happened when the president of the New Jersey teachers union came by to apologize for one of her officers sending out an email asking teachers to pray for his death. One thing I've noticed from all these videos is that he has very good comedic timing. Not a big thing, but a plus.

It's the twenty-year anniversary of Margaret Thatcher's resignation from office. Here are some reflections from Charles Moore.

Nancy Pelosi is whining that she didn't get as much attention as the first female Speaker of the House compared to John Boehner getting on the cover of Time and Newsweek. Oh please.

Congratulations to Renee Ellmers whose victory over Bob Etheridge in the NC district neighboring mine was confirmed this week.

David Lat has a write-up
summarizing Jan Crawford's interview of Justice Scalia at the Federalist Society. Find out what Scalia has on his iPod and why he hires clerks from Harvard and Yale. (Link via Ann Althouse)

More evidence that the Democrats were being deceptive when they promised that no one would have to lose their own health care plan due to ObamaCare. More and more health insurers are canceling their Medicare Advantage plans displacing about 700,000 people with those accounts. Expect more.

For Harry Potter fans, this is fun - Eight ways to spin off the Harry Potter franchise. I like the idea of a TV show based on the Hogwarts Teachers Lounge. As a teacher, I've always objected to the small role played by the teachers at the school. Here you have the best wizards all gathered in one place and instead, the wizard world relies time and again on three kids to save it? I know it's a series for kids - but I'd like to hear more about the adult wizards.


pumping-irony said...

The Obama Administration basically threw decades of bankrupcy law under the bus when it forced GM bondholders to take a back seat to the UAW in 2009. What's to say they won't try the same thing with California bondholders? Whatever the legality and morality, it sets a bad long term precedent; no bond investor in his or her right mind will forget the GM case when confronted in the future with the situation of holding bonds of a deteriorating unionized company with Democrats in power. They will compensate by either not buying bonds from that issuer in the first place and/or selling on the first sign of trouble. California and other teetering blue states may be feeling the effects of this mindset already. The mere fact that articles like this are appearing in the press means that the markets are thinking about it. Like the song goes, "They won't get fooled again."

tfhr said...

Still don't understand why there has not been a class action suite brought against the U.S. Government on behalf of GM bondholders.

lorraine_lanning said...

"Here you have the best wizards all gathered in one place and instead, the wizard world relies time and again on three kids to save it?"

Exactly. That always bothered me too. I didn't like how they discounted adults and their relationship to the kids.