Friday, November 19, 2010

Cruising the Web

Matt Lewis wonders if being overweight helps Chris Christie. Maybe ordinary people aren't as repelled by the overweight as the national media is.

Peggy Noonan has some advice
for those possible candidates considering running for the presidency in 2012.

Charles Krauthammer sees the statement "Don't touch my junk," as a metaphor for how Americans are thinking about their government today.

Samuel P. Jacobs writes
at The Daily Beast about the prospects for three Democratic incumbent senators in 2012. Things look ominous right now for Jon Tester and Jim Webb. Bob Casey might survive because the Republican bench in Pennsylvania is weak. But who knows who will emerge as a challenger for an unpopular senator like Casey? Who knew that Ron Johnson would be the new senator from Wisconsin a year ago? Once people start scenting blood in the water, there may well be several good candidates out there.

Nancy Pelosi blames all the GOP attack ads on her for why she has such a low approval rating. But she's been unpopular even before the ads started. She can't throw the blame on ads; she needs to examine the policies that earned her that unfavorability rating.

Cheers to Mitch McConnell for opposing passing our budget in one huge omnibus bill.

The Washington Post excoriates Obama's failures clinching the South Korea free trade agreement because he preferred politicking than accepting the agreement that Bush's administration has negotiated.

Jennifer Rubin observes
that what Obama needs to do in order to win in 2012 is to separate himself from Nancy Pelosi. Yet the House Democrats just tied themselves even more firmly to her leadership. It will be interesting to see if Obama continues his strong alliance with Pelosi or if he starts trying to separate from her.