Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Cruising the Web

Hmmm. If you thought that there was something fishy about the recent report that said Chris Christie, when a U.S. attorney had overspent his travel allowances, you were right. It turns out that the author of the report is a rabidly partisan member of the Justice Department who once broke into a colleague's email to get information on him because he was a conservative and had leaked information to the Washington Post. The main question is why this woman kept her job in the Department of frickin' Justice when they found out that she had hacked a colleague's email.

President Obama chides American reporters for not thanking him for deigning to talk to them.

Ramesh Ponnuru outlines the differences between the Congress that came in in 1995 and the one coming in now.

John Gerardi, a student at Notre Dame Law School, asks some good questions about why liberals are so vigorous in defending Islam but so derisive towards Christianity.

When Democrats gather to vote for their new minority leader, they may ponder this fact and wonder if she is really the one to lead them under a GOP majority: Paul Ryan says that he only had one conversation with Pelosi in six years - a 30-second conversation. When the Republican members wanted to talk to the Democrats, they talked only to Steny Hoyer.

Don't worry about the President being out of touch - after all he reads ten selected letters from the folks every day.

Keith Koffler at the Politico thinks that what he calls the President's Freudian slips are revealing the true Obama. And that Obama is just the one that conservatives were warning about all throughout the 2008 election. Imagine that.

And finally, M. Catharine Evans is inspired by Lawrence O'Donnell's statement that he is a socialist, not a liberal or a progressive, to recall what Fyodor Dostoevsky once wrote after attending an international meeting of socialists and radicals.
The socialists want to regenerate humans, to liberate them. They conclude that having forcibly changed the economic way humans live they will achieve their goals. But humans are transformed not from external reasons but only from moral changes.... The comicality, the weakness, the nonsense, the disagreement, the self-contradictions-you can’t imagine it! And that’s the trash that’s stirring up the unfortunate working people! It’s sad.

They began by saying that in order to achieve peace on earth the Christian faith had to be exterminated. Large states had to be destroyed…all capital be done away with, so that everything be in common, by order, and so on. All this without the slightest proof, all this was learned by heart 20 years ago…And most importantly fire and sword and after everything had been annihilated, then, in their opinion, there will be peace.