Saturday, November 13, 2010

Cruising the Web

Barry Rubin tries an experiment with his son's soccer team: instead of telling them it doesn't matter who wins and playing everyone an equal amount of time, he told then that their number one goal was to win and then put the best players at the most important position. And the response from the kids shows that it's only the adults who buy into such a stupid PC approach to sports.

Powerline links to a marvelous story of a Cambridge University law student, Gabriel Latner, who turned the tables on one of the typical Cambridge debate topics: "The House believes that Israel is a rogue state." His speech is a joy to read. And, of course, the usual groups are outraged and have condemned him for embarrassing all of them with his use of logic, evidence, and eloquence.

As Rich Lowry writes, the proposals from Erskine Bowles and Alan Simpson have really thrown a curve ball to Barack Obama. They came out with serious proposals that both sides of ideological spectrum can find something to agree with or disagree with. Nancy Pelosi is dismissing them out of hand. What will President Obama do given his ideological preferences along with his rhetoric about desiring bold, fearless proposals.

Michael Gerson notes something rather obvious - the states with the worst budget shortfalls are in states run by the Democrats: California, New York, and Illinois. It will be quite interesting to see how those Democratic governors set themselves up in comparison to Barack Obama during the 2012 elections.

Bobby Jindal is out with a new book
about the oil spill. In that book he takes aim at Obama's leadership and criticizes him for political posturing at the expense of people's jobs and the Gulf economy. The book, which also includes his personal story as well as recommendations for addressing health care as well as denunciations of the media and political elites. For a guy who is adamant that he's not interested in anything but the job he currently holds, he does seem intent on raising his national profile.c

Tom Maguire is at his best in covering Obama's overseas trip.

Poor Barack - people aren't asking him enough questions about compliments that he's received from foreign leaders. Come on, Mr. President, your think skin is showing.

Where are all those people who were supposedly being deprived of insurance coverage because of pre-existing conditions? Only 8,011 have signed up so far when the program went online in July.

Byron York exposes how the Obama administration has twisted science to fit its ideological preferences. I thought that was only something that Republicans were supposed to do?

More good news from last week's elections. Across the country, citizens approved measures to move public employees to defined benefit pension plans. [Oops. I mean defined-contribution plans.] Pension reform is on the move.