Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Cruising the Web

Charlie Cook tells us what surprised him about the election results and gives us his thoughts on Pelosi's continued leadership of the House Democrats.

John King melted down on the CNN set when his magic board failed telling the tech workers that he wished he'd brought a gun to work. Nice. Imagine the reaction if a Fox anchor had shouted such a thing.

The Obama administration is already publicly walking back its July 2011 deadline to withdraw from Afghanistan. It was a dumb policy choice when announced and now the Pentagon has to deal with it.

Oh joy - Alvin Greene ponders a presidential run.

The Associated Press warns
the Democrats that 2012 is shaping up to be worse than 2010. But let's all repeat the cliche: two years is an eternity in politics.

Jay Cost has up his analysis
of the vote in the South. While Rick Scott narrowly won his race and actually did worse than Marco Rubio in a three-way race, Scott actually did worse than McCain among white voters with low incomes and/or little education. He also did better with Hispanics than McCain did.

Michael Barone notes t
hat the big class of freshmen GOP members in the House will have a lot of leverage to hold Boehner to his promises.

How cold are some Democrats? Bill Clinton's pollster, Mark Penn, went on Chris Matthews and theorized that what Obama needed, if he wants to raise his poll numbers, was something like the Oklahoma City bombing. That's what moved Clinton's poll numbers after his 1994 shellacking. Remember how Bill Clinton once told a journalist (Woodward, I believe) that to be a great president, he needed a war? There is something so very despicable, and quite revealing, about such thoughts. Correction: it was Dick Morris in his book, Behind the Oval Office, who recounted that conversation with Clinton.


Tacitus Voltaire said...

Handy Guide

what republicans expect from republican government:

1. lower taxes
2. cut spending
3. balance the budget

what democrats expect from republican government:

1. continue to shift the tax burden down the income scale onto the middle class by lowering taxes for the top 2% more than for anybody else
2. increase the deficit
3. undermine social security
4. remove all consumer protections
5. anything else multinational corporations would like

place your bets now and we'll see what happens in a few years

now, i hear a lot of republicans say that the republican party "was corrupted by washington and acted like democrats" last time they controlled all three branches of government. this time you expect to do the same thing - elect them to control of all three branches of the government - and get a different result

i disagree with people who say that's the definition of insanity - i think it's just a definition of stupidity

ic said...

"Bill Clinton once told a journalist (Woodward, I believe) that to be a great president, he needed a war?"

Therein they projected Bush caused 911, then a war with Saddam.

Tacitus Voltaire said...

Remember how Bill Clinton once told a journalist (Woodward, I believe) that to be a great president, he needed a war?

actually, betsy, i believe it was george bush who said that to woodward, who wrote several books about the bush presidency. can you come up with a cite to show that it was clinton and not bush?

Betsy Newmark said...

It wasn't Woodward, it was Dick Morris who reported that conversation with Clinton. I don't think you'd find any evidence of Bush saying such a thing. I put the link up in the entry.