Monday, November 08, 2010

Cruising the Web

Ryan Lizza runs the numbers to see if a Democratic congressman voted for the Obama agenda or not had any effect on the chances of success in last week's election. And he finds that, if you dig into the data, there was indeed a negative correlation between support for Obama's programs and a vulnerable Democrat's share of the vote.

Just in case you buy the spin that only Republicans fight dirty, just remember that the 2010 elections were the years that Democrats accused their opponents of wanting to harm rape victims.

David Freddoso exposes the lame, logic-free assertion by Rachel Maddow that women did not fare well in this election. What Maddow didn't report was that this was a year when Democratic women lost elections and Republican women won them.

Charles Lane reminds Democrats that states that voted for Obama are going to lose Electoral College votes to states that voted for McCain. And that isn't even looking at how the GOP now will control the redistricting process in many states previously held by Democrats.