Sunday, November 07, 2010

Cruising the Web

Here's a statistic that might surprise you: the Republicans won a higher percentage of Senate seats than House seats in this election.

George Will celebrates the check that the GOP House will have on Obama's efforts to enact new regulations without legislative input.

Both Clarence Page and Guy Benson take note of the increased diversity that Tuesday's results bring to the GOP. It's funny how those supposedly racist tea partiers endorsed some prominent Hispanic and black GOP candidates.

James Taranto notes
one important difference between the position that Bill Clinton was in after the 1994 elections and where Obama is now. Clinton failed to pass HillaryCare and so could move forward past that unpopular proposal. Obama won and enacted ObamaCare and now will be stuck defending it as more and more becomes clear of how awful the bill was.

Barney Frank seems to be furious that a Republican actually ahd the nerve to oppose him in an election. His victory speech was the most bitter, ungracious statement in many a year. One of his former supporters and voters, Margery Eagan throws in the towel on Barney Frank. It's all the more reason to celebrate that Frank will have to give up his chairman's gavel of the Financial Services Committee and will now be able to examine more carefully what went on at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and Frank's support of those institutions.

Mayor Bloomberg has traveled overseas and blasted his fellow countrymen for their choices in Tuesday's election. In his tirade he told the Chinese, If you look at the U.S., you look at who we’re electing to Congress, to the Senate—they can’t read,” he said. “I’ll bet you a bunch of these people don’t have passports. We’re about to start a trade war with China if we’re not careful here, only because nobody knows where China is. Nobody knows what China is." Way to blast your own country to our competitors, Mr. Mayor.

And this was inevitable: Hitler receives the news of Tuesday's election.


tfhr said...

Bloomberg can stay in China. Then he'll "[know] what China is".

When he starts playing around with notions of a 2012 Presidential bid, his opponents - Obama and any others - can run those charitable estimates offered by Bloomberg and let him explain his assessments of America.

pumping-irony said...

Rudy Giuliani stepped down after two terms as NYC mayor even though there was popular support for him to seek a third term. But Bloomers couldn't believe the city could get along without him; I guess he thinks his brand of BS is indispensible. That tells you all you need to know about him.

JorgXMcKie said...

Mayor Bloomberg is the sort of giant horse's patoot that one thinks of when one thinks of the worst of NYC.

He'd be a president in the mold of the Soup Nazi, I'm guessing.