Friday, November 05, 2010

Cruising the Web

Obama aides point fingers at Rahm Emanuel to blame for Obama's mistakes. What fun.

Jon Stewart shouldn't get a pass for inviting Yusuf Islam, the former Cat Stevens, to play at his rally.

The teachers unions lost substantively this election. Good.

The "arrogance of Obama" meme gets some more traction from Politico.

Harry Reid's campaign's cooperation with Harrah's to get out the vote and pressure employees to go vote may have broken the law.

Some more data on how the results of Tuesday's elections will benefit the GOP big time when it comes to redistricting. David Freddoso now estimates that the Republicans will have control over 197 districts. That's why the WSJ is safely predicting that Democrats and liberals will soon make redistricting reform part of their agenda.

Sean Trende runs the regressions to demonstrate that the election was a rejection of Democrats in general regardless of how they voted on measures like the stimulus and ObamaCare.


The Vegas Art Guy said...

Just one problem with Reid. He's a Democrat and therefore exempt from all laws. Those silly things are only for conservatives and the GOP after all.

Nobody should be surprised by this Lost Wages is the ultimate good ole boys town and it's literally who you know more than what you know that gets you in the door. I'm surprised that MORE casinos didn't do the same thing for Reid.

Here in NV if the GOP is not 10 points up going into the election they lose.

Mark my words the Silver State is quickly going the route of the Golden State and I may end up having to once again pull up stakes and move to escape what's coming from our socialistic neighbors to the West.

Bachbone said...

Obama and his advisors are in over their heads and don't even know what they don't know. A buddy of mine, who is a retired Ford engineer, described what he saw in new engineers hired at Ford, and the description he gave seems perfect for Obama & Co.: "Their knowledge [is] a mile wide and one-half inch deep."

Several states have taken redistricting completely out of the hands of politicians and given the task to retired judges or utterly non-political panels. The asinine practice of gerrymandering to favor one party or the other should be stopped once and for all. That alone would help to eliminate career politicians catering to one side of the political spectrum.

tfhr said...


You said, "career politicians" and that is the heart of the problem.

Gerrymandering is just plain sleazy and squelches the votes and voices of many, kind of like the slimy and deliberate abuse of absentee balloting for service members stationed abroad and in other states.


JorgXMcKie said...

Even though only a small portion of the money spent by teachers unions in Michigan losing causes was mine, it was worth it.

With Republicans in total charge, there is some real chance that even the Detroit Public School system will be jerked into shape.

And it will be a long time before the teachers unions replace the millions they spent this time.