Monday, November 01, 2010

Cruising the Web

Mark Hemingway reports on how some Democrats along with their union masters would like the government to take over our 401(k)s. That Senators Tom Harkin and Bernie Sanders would even hold hearings on such a proposal is scary indeed. If they thought people are angry over government moving in on health care, imagine the uproar if the Democrats pushed for a government take-over of our retirement savings.

One more reason to cheer for the defeat of Harry Reid - his forced retirement could reopen the Yucca Mountain proposal. It is about time for some rationality on storage of nuclear waste.

Hans Spakovsky explains
how the Alaska Division of Elections' decision to allow lists of write-in candidates' names to voters violates not only Alaskan regulations, but also federal law. But of course don't expect the Obama Justice Department to do anything about that.

Here's a selection of the worst and best political ads this year.

It's usually not good for a speaker to engage with hecklers, but if you are going to do it, at least have the facts on your side. So when President Obama decided to respond to some hecklers who want more funding for global AIDS, he should have done better than try to blame the Republicans. After all, it was his much reviled predecessor, approved by a Republican Congress, who tripled spending on fighting AIDS around the world. But it's just part of Obama's style to encourage such division as telling hecklers to go heckle the "other side."

The LA Times profiles
a small Michigan community where a tea party-like group took over the government. We're supposed to be horrified at the cuts that they have made in the town's spending. Somehow, canceling a free giveaway of Halloween candy to the town's children doesn't upset me all that much. Such community events are all very nice, but when a town doesn't have the money for such extras. Towns across the nation will have to get used to such austerity programs as we recover from years and years of reckless spending.

Ed Morrissey takes apart the lameness of the Alaskan CBS affiliate's excuse-making for being caught on tape strategizing how to make Joe Miller look bad through their coverage of the Palin rally for him. They claim that they were talking about what others might do to sabotage Miller, but they ignore the first-person pronouns they were using.

Matthew Kaminski looks at why the Democrats are so scared of Marco Rubio. Clinton's desperation efforts to get Meek off the ticket in order to stop Rubio betrays how worried they are about Rubio getting on the public stage. It rather reminds me of how the Senate Democrats pulled out all the stops to block the confirmation of Miguel Estrada to the DC Circuit Court. They knew that this would put him on the fast track to the Supreme Court just as Rubio's victory tomorrow could put him on the fast track perhaps six years from now for a place on the GOP ticket.