Friday, October 01, 2010

Who wants higher taxes?

Steven Malanga exposes
the link between the public unions and the call for higher taxes. They need the government to get more money in order to pay for their benefits.
Find a tax increase campaign and you're almost certain to find a government union behind it. The California Teachers Association, for instance, is the chief force behind a November ballot initiative in the Golden State which would raise business taxes. The CTA alone has contributed some $6.4 million of its members' dues money to the campaign, according to filings with the California Secretary of State's office. Other public unions have anted up another $2.5 million.

In fact, since the budget squeeze hit states and municipalities starting in 2008, such tax and spend campaigns have been typical. Researchers at the Heritage Foundation counted some 25 public union-driven efforts in that time. They include successful efforts by Arizona's unions to raise the state's sales tax earlier this year, a ballot initiative in Oklahoma sponsored by the state's teachers' unions to raise education spending by $1 billion, a successful $8 million campaign in Oregon by public unions to defeat initiatives seeking to roll back corporate and personal income tax hikes, and a $4 million advertising effort this past spring designed to pressure New Jersey Governor Chris Christie to raise taxes in his state, which failed.
Think on that the next time you hear someone say how we should be raising taxes.


Rick Caird said...

I go back to my point that public employee unions should be prohibited from campaigning of any type. Those unions have created an unholy alliance where they work and spend to get politicians indebted to them for their elective office. Those politicians then turn around and reward the unions with pay and pension increases. That is an inherent conflict of interest.

As long as these unions have the ability to influence elections, states will continue to go bankrupt.

bobdog said...

The suggestion from anyone that we need to raise taxes is taken for what it is: laughable.

What we need is to reduce government employment at all levels by about 25%, starting with a lot of new people in Congress. I'm talking sweeping changes, including the complete elimination of the Department of Education, the EPA, and about half the folks at the Interior Department. Every single department needs to be examined and rejustified, public unions like the SEIU banished from public service, civil service regulations need to be rewritten into 20 pages or less, the IRS tax code needs to be replaced completely with a one page tax return and federal spending for endless frivolous "government studies" dumped unless provably necessary.

We need some hard-charging, take no prisoners chief executive that's not afraid to kick some butt. What Chris Christie has done in New Jersey is exactly what's needed in Washington.

pumping-irony said...

At least we're starting to break thru the traditional disinformation of how tax increases are needed to continue "essential services" and similar malarkey ("It's for the children".)

Jobe said...

I do not care is 9 or 90 million is spent on the campaign to pass this tax, if it is voted in, these people (Californians) deserve the pain of an economy in its death throes.