Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hey, do you trust these guys to fix health care?

Democratic politicians have found what they hope is a winning message: Sure, our party definitely messed up health care reform, but please give us another chance.
Nervous Democrats are grasping for a new message on their party’s health care reform bill: Give us another shot, and we’ll get it right this time.

“I want to reform it and fix it and make sure that it works for small businesses and their families,” Alexi Giannoulias, the Democrat seeking President Barack Obama’s old Senate seat, said on “Meet the Press” on Sunday.

“If you can fix it — Democrats and Republicans agree on six or seven items — that’s a pretty darn good start,” West Virginia Gov. and Democratic Senate candidate Joe Manchin told Fox News on Monday.

“I’d like to fix health care,” Democratic Kentucky Senate candidate Jack Conway said in a debate last week with Republican contender Rand Paul. “He wants to repeal it. And I think that’s a stark difference.”

Giannoulias, Manchin and Conway weren’t in Congress when Democrats pushed through the reform bill earlier this year. But even some Democratic incumbents who voted for the bill are now saying that it’s time to go back in and change it.

“Is the bill perfect? Absolutely not,” Rep. Brad Ellsworth said during a debate with other Indiana Senate candidates Monday. “Will it be added to and deleted from? It will.”

North Dakota Rep. Earl Pomeroy told one local newspaper last month that “improvements need to be made” in the bill. Then he followed up by telling another paper that “none of us believe our work is done or that the bill is perfect.”
James Taranto has the best take on this.
If they want to fix it, why did they break it in the first place? Or, to put it another way, these guys drove us into the ditch, and now they want the keys back--and hey, isn't that Obama up there sucking on a Slurpee?
If Democrats like Joe Manchin are going to run as faux Republicans, wouldn't it make sense to just pick the actual Republican?